Recent Projects and News.
Some of the projects below are still in the planning stages, others are being worked on as you view this site and others were completed within the last 12 months

The rear of a vehicle is a great place for advertising, the web site in the rear glass is a great spot.
Carrier Signs played a big part of the newly updated Old Navy stores in Augusta and Bangor Me. with the interior wall and glass graphics. Bangor Neon installed the exterior.
This sign constructed of Diebond aluminum with PVC posts installed in Randolph.
The logo is clear acrylic with the graphic applied to the backside.
If it sticks,we'll stick it!
Cory's Bad Boy!
These graphics were made inhouse for Pete Kelley, graphics are 3M matte black vinyl. Final design was brainstormed between Pete and Carrier Signs.
This trailer is used for a display at customers locations.
These diplay trailers advertise as they travel around N.E.